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BIG BIM little bim cuts through the hype to provide clarity about integrated practice. The author is at the cutting edge of BIM development with practical approaches that architects, engineers, owners, educators, students and builders can understand and apply today. Based on twenty years of successful projects, this book shows how to leverage resources, compete in a worldwide market, and become more efficient and productive in the planning, design, construction and operation of facilities.

We live and work in a world, where the pace and volume of information challenges our ability to keep up. The pressure to integrate is building fast. BIM and integrated practice create better architects. They transform our world. Done correctly, savings approach 20% and risks diminish. Master the details, subtleties and small changes needed to be successful. Do BIM the right way! 

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This is a time of huge opportunities. “BIG BIM little bim” explains how you can take advantage of them.

Cut through the confusion and uncertainty. There are real rewards for those that understand the process and huge risks for those that do not. This book explains what you need to know to cut through the noise...

—Kimon Onuma, AIA, president Onuma Architects