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Dreams are good. We all need dreams. When we quit dreaming, we stagnate. We lock into doing things the same way, repeatedly. Even when we do not get the results that, we (and our clients) want and expect. Have you ever dreamed about a time when you could call up the site details for a new project—in real time? Without hiring a surveyor? Without visiting the site?

Have you ever dreamed about a time when you could open a file and have all the as-built and as-operated details for the remodeling project that you just won? Have you ever wished that you could really understand how your new client's company works, without doing weeks of diagnostics and fact-finding? Well, now you can.

Building Information Modeling is, as a concept, so universal and so wide reaching that it can (and probably does) include nearly anything that you can think of. If it touches on the built environment, BIM processes can make it better and more efficient. This complexity has led many of the pioneers to be bogged down in an endless loop of adding detail upon detail. They have a lofty goal—to develop fully functional and user-friendly systems that everyone in the building world can use to interact with each other. They work to capture all of the information that our world revolves around. You cannot wait for them to finish.

If you do, you will be left behind.

You can have the benefits from BIM today. The tools are available—and have been for twenty years. That is why we talk about Simple BIM.

  1. Simple BIM is about getting results, using BIM—right now.

  2. Simple BIM lets you use the tools and processes that work well—right now.

  3. Simple BIM lets you make sure that you position yourself to take advantage of other technologies as they become commercially available.

You and your clients cannot wait for someone else to figure out all of the complex systems and standards for you. You have within your current resources and available tools, the ability to deliver many of the benefits of BIM, today. Moreover, using these resources and tools in new ways, you have the ability to produce better architecture and happier clients.

Why not get started?

Sometimes, you have to overcome many issues before you can change. There is a lot of inertia to overcome. However, if you look at BIM as a business decision to deliver better design and better client support, it becomes simple.

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