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BIG BIM 4.0, Winner of Three Global Ebook Awards!

BIG BIM 4.0 is the WINNER of three prestigious Dan Poynter Global Ebook Awards and earned acclaim as a Finalist of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

A Must Read for Every Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Facility Manager, Owner, and anyone involved in the Built Environment.

BIG-BIM 4.0 lays out a systematic approach to establishing a built environment ecosystem and provides examples of how to successfully use BIM to improve our entire built environment—buildings, bridges, roads, energy systems, water services, planes trains, automobiles, or anything we build.

Can you imagine using paper or CD catalogs of airfares, a travel agent, and the telephone to book your next trip? How long would it take to make your reservations? What happens when you need to explore other options? The travel industry has changed to allow you to do such things anywhere you have an internet connection. You access vast amounts of pertinent data, in real-time. You decide the time, cost and quality of your trip—without knowing about the underlying complexity. You see only the information that you need to make your decisions—Nothing more and nothing less. Similar things are happening in industries everywhere. When will the same happen to the building industry? Are you ready when it does?

BIG-BIM 4.0 includes case study examples which highlight the issues. Workbook activities let you explore the possibilities. This book reveals the approaches used by many large companies, institutions, and government entities, and by smaller, agile businesses. Develop confidence using a variety of tools inside that ecosystem—in a matter of days—Not years.

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Deke Smith, FAIA, father of the U.S. National CAD Standard and, the first executive director of the buildingSMART alliance, where he worked to establish the US National BIM Standard to help improve international adoption of the powerful BIM toolset, says of BIG-BIM 4.0:

“OMG, Finith Jernigan has done it again! His first book BIG-BIM–little-bim was a seminal book for the facilities industry. This time in a 400-page book with 25 case studies and hands-on exercises and tools he has combined the next book I would have written, along with documenting what is in the incredible mind of Kimon Onuma, along with about every other great mind in the industry. For those of you who may be thinking that we have milked all we can out of BIM, this book is a must read and will set you straight in understanding that we have not even scratched the surface. For those of you still trying to figure out what BIM is and think it is a piece of software or just an expansion on CAD if you don’t read this book you will have missed a huge opportunity. This book truly documents what the standard of care will become in the facilities industry over the next decade. Thank you for all your efforts in the transformation of the facilities industry.”

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