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BIG Data and BIG BIM

People have been trying forever to understand the impacts of technology on society. The world-wide-web would have seemed like science fiction in the 1970s. In that era, pioneers envisioned or invented many of the technologies that make information models and a connected world possible. Visionaries such as R. Buckminster Fuller and Alvin Toffler foretold many of the issues that we are working to handle today. From today’s perspective, most of what they envisioned has happened or is now possible.

To many people, the Internet of Things… Internet of Places… Web Wide World, may sound like science fiction. The concept of a world where data and the internet touches everything that we do is close at hand. The systems and processes are here today. They are not science fiction.

Imagine how the Internet and cloud-computing work today and extend that to the physical world. Tomorrow, all buildings, things inside buildings, people and business needs, will be interconnected through the common interface of the built environment. Utilities such as The BIMsynergy Corporation will be the subject of this combination of technologies and people.

As the Internet evolved, it shifted from being a place to view information, to a place for creating your personal information and collaborating with others. The Internet is about YOU being in control. YouTube™ turned TV viewers into producers of content. Facebook™ and Twitter® changed how you interacted with your social networks. Not long ago, few imagined a world of Google Earth™, Google+ and Expedia™. The Internet changed everything about our personal and business lives.

Today, if you are not connected to the Internet you are no longer relevant. Google®, Expedia® and Amazon® have revolutionized how we interact with the world. Yet, even in this new flat world, many have not changed how they manage and deliver their services. There are incredible savings and efficiencies to be had by those who embrace change and think differently to take advantage of this new world.

Tomorrow, the connections will be more robust and all-encompassing. The four intertwining design futures, in this book, illustrate a few of the possibilities. They are only a tiny sliver of the reality. Available tools and processes let us remove the disconnected practices and inefficiencies of the past to make the world better for us all. The Internet is bigger than information models, and it has the infrastructure to make BIG Data and BIG BIM a part of everything we do.

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