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Barriers to successful BIM

Today, the issues have shifted and some aspects of the implementation of BIM and integrated delivery are rapidly becoming defacto standards in the design and construction segments of the construction industry. There are however a number of thought patterns that are hampering or  retarding implementation.

1. Not understanding the difference between cooperation and collaboration.

  • Focus on wrong social and organizational structures.

2. Not understanding that many of the problems that the industry faces, are wicked problems that cannot be resolved with linear solutions.

  • Lack of system thinking.
  • Lack of strategic vision.

3. Approaching BIM and integrated processes as technology.

  • Focus on 3D not on Integrated Decision Making
  • Reliance on and fear of changing legacy systems and processes.
  • Not understanding of the power of Open Standards and interoperability.
  • Requiring systems that are more complex, more finished and more difficult than necessary.

4. Focus on ‘What’s in it for Me?’

  • Focusing on one’s niche to the exclusion of others.
  • Traditional specialization is no longer the ideal approach. Mastery coupled with broad interests and curiosity rule today.

5. Focus on Integrated Project Delivery as an end-product

  • Focus on Projects is too limited.
  • Lack of a long view

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