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Much Has Changed

When I wrote BIG BIM little bim, the concept of BIG BIM was just that… a concept. At the time, my speculation was based on greatly increased collaborative systems and IFC model servers that were just beginning to fully emerge. Since then, a lot has changed.

Functional model servers exist… you can access and use them today. Web services have taken over the internet… and transformed how we look at data, databases and welded-together software systems. People in high places… have begun to understand and desire the benefits that come from enterprise/national level BIG BIM.

Many in the building industry are stuck in little bim, focused on the day-to-day needs of design and construction, perhaps not realizing that there are easier/more productive ways to do the same job… with vastly greater benefit. They inadvertently negotiate against themselves, not understanding the larger picture. Little bim is better than what we had before, but why go for halfway measures, when you can have it all, with less problems?

Admiral Thad Allen (at the time Commandant of the US Coast Guard) is credited with saying ‘transparency breeds self correcting behavior’ during a meeting on their SFCAM (Shore Facilities Capital Asset Management) Roadmap process. People in high places can and will champion the cause. They just need clear and convincing evidence of the power and benefits that come from BIG BIM.

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