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In November 2013, Philip Evans, a senior partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group, and co-author of Blown to Bits, delivered a TED Talk that everyone in the building industry should watch. He offers one of the best and easiest to understand descriptions of the transformation that is now coming to the forefront across the architecture-engineering-construction-owning-operating realm. Mr. Evans approaches the transformation from a corporate perspective, using the encyclopedia business as a poster-child for what data is changing in our society. Yet, everything he has to say is directly applicable to the built world.

If you are scratching your head wondering what BIG Data and BIG BIM are all about… If you do not really understand why tools like the ONUMA System are so important to the building industry… If you know that there is something more to building information modeling than automated drafting using desktop tools, but cannot get your head around what that is… If you want to develop your personal strategy for your future in the building industry…

Take the 14 minutes to watch this TED Talk. Keep an open mind and fill in the blanks with the things you are seeing in the building industry. You will not regret spending the time.

 Philip Evans: How data will transform business

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