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BIG BIM little bim is now available in Chinese!

BIG BIM little bim in Chinese

The Chinese version was released in late April 2017, with the Chinese ISBN of 978-7-112-20477-9. Link to the book in Simplified Chinese at http://www.bookschina.com/7468845.htm

We are proud to announce that our partner in Beijing, China Architecture & Building Press have finished the translation of BIG BIM little bim v2 into Chinese. China Architecture & Building Press (CABP) is the earliest and biggest national press in the Chinese architectural industry. CABP devotes itself to the publication of academic books, teaching materials, standards and norms, architecture, and planning.

The goal of this effort is to make Finith Jernigan’s seminal book for the facilities industry accessible in the fast paced and ever growing Chinese market. Internationally recognized as a leader in BIM, Jernigan shows how to leverage resources, compete in a worldwide market, and become more efficient and productive in the planning, design, construction, and operation of assets.

The Chinese version of BIG BIG little bim explores the big changes happening every day in the world of BIG BIM with expanded coverage of the practical applications of BIM for the entire construction industry. The phenomenon of the worldwide BIMStorm is highlighted. The book gives user-friendly approaches that architects, engineers, owners, builders, facility managers, educators, and students can understand and apply today.

4Site Press publishes content that stresses built environment working practices, methodologies, and behaviors to help people leverage resources, compete in a global market, and grow more proficient and productive in the planning, design, construction, and operation of built environment assets.



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