BIG BIM 4.0 Wins Three Gold Medals


SALISBURY, MD, USA— Finith Jernigan, FAIA, wrote BIG BIM 4.0 – Ecosystems for a Connected World, to show that advanced technology tools and proven business processes can help professionals lead their companies to a successful future. His efforts were recognized with 2017 Global Ebook Awards for Business, Leadership and Professional/Technical Non- Fiction.

The book was also named a finalist by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group, which held the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the largest not-for-profit book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors. Catherine Goulet, Co-chair of the 2017 awards, said, Our program has become known as the Sundance of the book publishing world.

Finith Jernigan, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, said, It is an honor having “BIG BIM 4.0” recognized as having an impact in so many areas of business. Traditional business processes are becoming Connected Age processes that give professionals more independence and more value. So, winning independent book publishing awards feels appropriate.

Building Information Models are not confined to buildings. At the US Coast Guard Academy in New London (CT) models capture information about ships, how Cadets use space, and enable live master planning.

“BIG BIM 4.0 – Ecosystems for a Connected World” is the latest exploration of Jernigan’s view on how Building Information Models can dramatically improve the built environment. Building things in the virtual world before making them in reality is a powerful way to improve business results.

Every dollar we spend on infrastructure results in only ten cents of value at the end of construction. We aren’t getting enough value for our money. Government experts predict that by reducing the waste in the building industry to the level of other American industries, we could save over $585 billion dollars every year. Waste, disconnected processes, lack of adequate planning, inadequate cost controls, and other issues are rampant, and the building industry is in crisis. We all see the problems in the condition of the infrastructure that is receiving so much attention today.

Building industry leaders are embracing the use of building information models (BIM) and integrated processes as the way to overcome the losses and waste that is now a fact-of-life in the building industry, says Jernigan.  Without such changes, the industry may never overcome the problems we now face.

Rich Data at an infinite number of LOD

From step one, the model is computable. It can compute areas, show relationships, generate pie charts and plans showing metrics. You can visualize blocking and stacking. Project costs are overlaid with a timeline to enable to improve understanding of the overall concept. Will the facility fit on the site? Can we afford to move forward in this direction? Can we use this approach to satisfy mandate X?

“BIG-BIM 4.0” helps readers understand what they can do with today’s technology to help stop the waste and inefficiency. The book includes step-by-step examples of how we can successfully use today’s tools to improve our entire built environment—buildings, bridges, roads, energy systems, water services, planes trains, automobiles or anything we build.

Each of us has a role in today’s app-focused world. We live in a world where things are becoming more connected every day, Jernigan says. In this “connectedness” lies the solution to many of the building industry’s problems. We are finding ways that each of us can rise above the confusion that comes when technologies begin to overshadow the people issues that are driving today’s transformations.

Finith Jernigan has lived and worked in Salisbury (MD) for more than 30 years and is one of the foremost experts in modern information management in the architecture, engineering, construction, ownership, and operations industry. He uses proven systems and technology in new ways to help people move toward a more sustainable and connected world. He is a visionary architect whose unique style bridges the gap between novice and expert and an expert whose creative writing style makes technical material transparent.

Finith is president of Design Atlantic Ltd, a Salisbury based architecture, management, and planning company he founded in 1996, and 4Site Press, his Indy publishing company. He has designed and managed over 400 technology-focused projects, primarily in the medical, non-profit, and educational fields, for clients including NASA, the US Army and Marine Corps, and numerous schools and healthcare organizations on the Delmarva Peninsula and nationwide.

Processes described in BIG BIM 4.0 are enabling planners to understand and control complex projects to achieve superior results in situations where time, money and people are critical to success.

Finith has long embraced community participation as an intrinsic part of his service. He has served in roles that encourage economic development, youth leadership and helping others. His volunteer duties have ranged from executive board level leadership to the recruiting and training of volunteers, fundraising, strategic planning and leading high-adventure treks at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

BIG BIM 4.0—Ecosystems for a Connected World, is available in most ebook formats and softcover from,,, and most other retailers.

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Without having to write code or design electronic circuitry, this book will show you how to work with others who are transitioning from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Industrial Age tools to a world of connections between the cyber and physical realms.

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