We are at our best when taking complex information and synthesizing it to forge creative solutions. Architects are realizing that it is almost impossible to catch up to the trends unless we develop new ways of working and living.

We can no longer allow software vendors to push us into an applications focus—in order to sell more software. Integrated processes and information modeling are not about buying the right software. They are about adopting processes and finding the best tools to deliver the highest value to make our world a better place.

The author and his team show you how to use information modeling, cost control systems and proven management technologies to help organize your world. The author is at the cutting edge of information model development with practical approaches that anyone can understand and apply today. Based on twenty-five years of successful projects, his books show how to leverage resources, compete in a worldwide market, and become more efficient and productive in the planning, design, construction and operation of the built environment.

Learn how to master:

  1. The secrets to making more money and becoming more efficient using BIM.
  2. Ways to focus knowledge and experience on your strengths to support a more sustainable built environment.
  3. The everyday details of information modeling, with a focus on the INFORMATION.
  4. Ways do more and better with less while creating more certainty of outcomes.
  5. Building sustainable value into every part of the environment.
  6. And, a time-tested and field-proven approach that can be applied throughout the built world.

Move toward methods that make information easily available, in formats that will talk to each other in a shared environment that mirrors the real world. Become more. Become an information maker.

BIG BIM 4.0: Ecosystems for a Connected World.

Finith Jernigan’s newest book that documents what the standard of care will become in the facilities industry over the next decade.

Makers of the Environment: Building Resilience into our World, One Model at Time.

Finith Jernigan’s newest book—the BIM of the Book about Information.

BIG BIM little bim: The Practical Approach to Building Information Modeling—Integrated Practice Done the Right Way!

The book that started it all.

Path to Certainty : A BIG BIM Chronology

Finith Jernigan’s light spin on the process of becoming more integrated and collaborative.

Finith Jernigan’s Books on Goodreads