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Makers Appendices

Makers of the Environment AppendicesThe following outlines the content and chapters of the Appendices of Makers of the Environment:

Manage the process of exchanging data through the built environment value network. Information modeling includes processes by which the right information is made available to the right person at the right time. Can be focused on buildings (Building Information Models), business processes, software engineering, data, semantics and many other things.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Other Tools and Techniques

Glossary and definitions

BIG and little bim

In the design and construction context, you are working globally. You no longer work in isolation from anything or anyone. You integrate data from everywhere to understand what you are doing in a big world context. No longer is your building’s context limited to the surrounding buildings or the neighborhood. The acronym BIM (Building Information Modeling) was coined in early 2002 to describe virtual design, construction, and facilities management.


Main Characters

BIM Manager – Pete – Pyotr Ivanovich Jarvi, US Coast Guard CGSysOps—Portsmouth, VA.

Hospital Administrator – Dr. B – Elle – Elaina Bagayoko-Smith, MD, PhD, FACPE (Fellow of the American College of Physician Executives), Cork Point—Crisfield, MD.

Virtual Enterprise Manager – Sandy – Sandra Maria Kim PE, MVE, Network for Sustainable Decisions—Princess Anne, MD.

Narrative Timeline

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