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Black Swans

Black swan theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that The event is a surprise (to the observer) and has a major impact. After the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight. The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

What is a Feasible Living Situation for Future Humans?

Knowing vs. Understanding

The word knowledge can actually mean a lot of things in the vernacular. When most people say they know something they might also include the notion that they ‘understand’ that something, loosely implying that they grasp what caused that thing to be true. A more precise distinction between knowledge and understanding…

 Smart Decision Making-Use Data in Novel Ways to Improve Built Environment Decisions

Example: “Housing-Rent vs Own” Interactive map to see the differences between renting for a year and buying a similar property. Trulia Real Estate Search

Example: PlaniT Ex The Planning Tools Exchange – An online hub for tools, resources, organizations and practitioners in community planning.

Example: IBM Innov8: CityOne …CityOne: A Smarter Planet game. Think you know what it takes to make the energy systems that serve a city more efficient? Given the opportunity, could you make the city’s water cleaner and more plentiful, its banks more robust and customer-centric and its retail stores more innovative?…

 Keeping Score

One of the toughest problems for entrepreneurs is to keep score as they search for their business model.–Steve Blank

 Change & What Technology Wants

New Rules… In a poetic sense, the prime goal… of the new economy is to undo–company by company, industry by industry–the industrial economy.–Kevin Kelly

Ken Thompson, “Balancing Cost and Quality”

Sean Burke’s “Paradigm Shift blog”

Defective BIM?


Black Swan Event