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Real-Time Data

Citizen Sensor – DIY Environmental Monitoring

Citizen Sensor is DIY, wearable, reconfigurable sensor pack and data contextualization system that allows users to collect, share, and understand data using sensors recording environmental conditions such as carbon monoxide, light, noise pollution, and methane gas exposure… Check it out!

A Big Texan Breakthrough for the Internet of Things

By Alex Planes | More Articles
The Motley Fool, January 21, 2012

Remember the last time your dishwasher texted you when it broke? Unless you’re Bill Gates, you probably have the kind that just sits there and leaks while you’re on vacation. Such smart devices do exist, but connected…

Open Source City

TED Prize 2012: Crowdsourcing “City 2.0”

TED is embracing the concept of crowd-sourcing urbanism…

Toby Considine and Jon Udell on Open Source Smart Energy

from Technometria with Phil Windley

Sharing Agendas with Buildings and Other Things

Increasingly, the internet of things will integrate with the internet of people. This will only be successful when we make things look like people to the systems and users they will interact with. Toby Considine

A Walk Through The Emerging Interconnected World

A Walk Through The Emerging Interconnected World

The Internet of Things: What It Is, Why It Matters

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) will likely be one of the most important technological advances of this century. The emergence of Cloud computing, meanwhile, has created the application and device management backbone needed to scale to and…–Laurie Lamberth, Founder & VP, Business Development

Spimes and Live Sensors

paraphrased from Wikipedia: Spime is a neologism for a currently-theoretical object that can be tracked through space and time throughout the lifetime of the object. Spime was coined by author Bruce Sterling and happen through the convergence of emerging technologies, related to both the manufacturing process for consumer goods, and through identification and location technologies. Spimes are:

  • Small, inexpensive means of remotely and uniquely identifying objects over short ranges
  • Mechanism to precisely locate something on Earth, such as a global-positioning system
  • Way to mine large amounts of data for things that match some criteria
  • Tools to virtually construct nearly any kind of object
  • Ways to rapidly prototype virtual objects into real ones
  • Cradle-to-cradle life-spans for objects. Cheap, effective recycling.

JEREMIE MILLER: Our Digitally Distributed Future on IgniteNYC’s Channel

Forbes Magazine, Our Office Buildings Are Talking To Us; Time To Start Listening_

PSFK presents Future Of Real-Time

View more presentations from PSFK

The Internet of Things Infographic

The time was when the internet was people on their PCs sending email and surfing web content dished up by servers. Sure, it was around before that in its academic/military guise, but as far as the public consciousness was concerned, PCs, laptops, email and the web, was all the internet meant. A few years ago that changed, imperceptibly at first, such that now the recurrent understanding of the internet…

Cloud Computing based BIM and Web Services

The Open Data SteamrollerM to M becomes the Web Wide World

As markets in tech are born and then mature, they inevitably go through a process of moving from vertically integrated silos to horizontally integrated platforms…

TRF Policy Map

YOU are the “Smart City”

Just like the M2M dinosaurs are on the brink of extinction in the commercial world, BigGov has become irrelevant in the public sector, eclipsed by someone with a supercomputer in their pocket, open source hardware and software at their fingertips, and a global community of like-minded geniuses at their beck and call: YOU…

Building Service Performance (BSP) Project

Building Service Performance is an Ontolog (aka the Ontolog Forum is an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the field of ontology, ontological engineering and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards) Project to formalize how we describe the Purpose(s) of a Facility and the associated services expected from the building systems to include the beginning of a compliance framework that describes how to understand and capture the services being provided in accordance with required performance metrics.

TeleHa⚡h JSON+UDP+DHT=Freedom

TeleHash is a new wire protocol…enabling applications to connect directly and participate as servers…