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Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams

Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams

Ken Thompson in Virtual Teams on his The Bumble Bee website talks about some interesting research done by the University of North Caroline on the development of skills for virtual teams. Here is Ken’s writing and here is the actual white paper on the UNC site.

The Modern Meetings Revolution from Al Pittampalli

Bad meetings are quietly corroding your organization and you might not even realize it. Or maybe you do. In this video, Al Pittampalli talks about why our traditional system of meetings is broken, and offers a solution: fundamentally reinvent what it means to have a meeting…

Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams spreading but have not reached tipping point as of September 2011

Report on the status of Virtual Teams, Virtual Work Environments in the Post-Recession Era, from Brandman University, includes very interesting results of a survey commissioned from Forrester in 2010 on Virtual Teams.

How Swarmteams mobilize and socialize web sites from ken thompson on Vimeo.

Activity Stream Wiki

Is Your Group a BioTeam?

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