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US Coast Guard

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United States Coast Guard Sectors

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A Sector is a shore-based operational unit of the United States Coast Guard. Each Sector is responsible for the execution of all Coast Guard missions within its Area of Responsibility (AOR), with operational support from Coast G…

Intel — The Intelligence Staff is envisioned to collect, evaluate, report, and disseminate operational intelligence within the Sector. This staff will serve as the primary intelligence support element for all operations within the Sector. This staff forwards its analysis of raw intelligence reports to the District and the Atlantic or Pacific Maritime Intelligence Fusion Center, and will be the critical…
NB. Responsibilities, organizational structures and naming has (and continues) to rapidly evolve within the Coast Guard.

National Security Cutter

The National Security Cutter (NSC) is the largest and most technically advanced class of cutter in the Coast Guard, with capabilities for maritime homeland security, law enforcement and national defense…

National Security Cutter Fact Sheet

Response Boat-Medium

Response Boat-Medium Fact Sheet