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Book 7

Book 7 of Makers of the EnvironmentThe following outlines the content and chapters of Makers of the Environment Book 7:

Information models, geographic information systems, sensors, devices, financial systems and much more are linked. Every system is connected. The focus of the tools and processes are the larger world issues that will sustain the world for our children. The core design future that flows through this book describes technology that allows people to manage complex information in the built environment.

World in Crisis

Technologies such as building information modeling, integrated project delivery and integrated decision-making enable us to create a better world. The people that work and live in this world run the full gamut, from the poorest of the poor, marginalized in every conceivable way, to casual labor working with little autonomy, to highly trained and experienced experts that create new and exciting things every day. Done right, information models, sensors, web enabled devices, geographic information and all of the other web based tools can change everyone’s life for the better.

Target rich environment

Can the Coast Guard use the technology to achieve more with fewer resources? Terrorists, budgets, people, boats and weather all play into the scenario. This is just one of the thousands of possible scenarios   for futures in the built world. Model servers, information and new ways of working and thinking creates many opportunities and possibilities.

Oct 15, 2030 Marion Station, MD

Information models, geographic information systems, sensors, devices, financial systems and much more are linked together. Old-line developers continue to produce proprietary building information software and model servers that rely on programming interfaces and various data interchange standards to work with other software. The concept of data fusion caught on and the server systems all over the world came to be known as Fusion Hubs.

After the bombs

Coast Guard subject matter experts from Base Support Unit Portsmouth and Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC acted as liaisons for stakeholders. Much of the background work was simplified because of the building information models, geographic information system data and sensor grid in place throughout the base. CGSysOps staff managed the process in conjunction with Norfolk’s Facilities Design and Construction Center staff and Onuma System experts.

Cork Point is happening

Every system in the Cork Point system is connected. They figured out how to reduce the duplication in handoff by tapping in to the enormous wells of healthcare information in the healthcare world. Since the patient owns his or her information, the patient retains control and decision-making authority.

The Bay is on its way

Those trying to solve the problems were the ones creating the problems. In the days before BIMstorm Chesapeake, Sandy was fortunate to experience a day with clear water on La Trappe Creek. For the first time in twenty years, the water in La Trappe was clear.

Intertwined world

Managing information more efficiently allows people to interact with the world and increases information’s value. The Network for Sustainable Decisions, is tasked with creating the system that lets everyone actively participate in the revival of the Chesapeake Bay, while managing the interests of all. We live in a world where the old ways of living, working and playing are fading away, to be replaced by something new.

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