Executive Summary

Makers of the Environment is an information model… a book that connects to external information that connects to the built environment. The ability to use data in ways that make things happen to get work done is the foundation of most of the things that we find of benefit on the Internet…including maps, travel sites, social networks and most other systems. The scenarios are built around technology and processes that exist today or that can credibly be projected from today’s tools and the environment. The focus is on possibilities and design futures for how technology can lead culture and how each of us can prepare ourselves for tomorrow. We can have a secure, verifiable and accessible archive for the digital assets that help us define and manage real-world assets.

Business Models for Enterprises Described in Makers of the Environment

Sustainability Concepts that Influence Makers of the Environment

Interactive Timeline for Makers of the Environment


Executive Summary of Makers of the Environment

The pages that follow are outlines of the content and chapters of Makers of the Environment.



Introduction Design Futures


Book 1 – Wicked Problems in our World


Book 2 – Information as Force Multiplier


Book 3 – Education for Tomorrow


Book 4 – The Storm


Book 5 – The Art of Change


Book 6 – Commonsense Multiplied by Technology


Book 7 – End Game