Introduction to Makers of the Environment

Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Imagine

Bill Taylor in Harvard Business Review begins his article with, “One of the most perplexing features of these troubled times is that so many capable people in so many fields look so lost and ineffective.” Cynthia Barton Rabe, author of The Innovation Killer and a former innovation strategist at Intel, explains how, “what we know limits what we can imagine.” Makers of the Environment is designed to help you overcome the dilemmas that Mr. Taylor and Ms. Barton Rabe describe.

Business Models for Enterprises Described in the Book

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The following outlines the content and chapters of the Introduction to Makers of the Environment:

Use Case for this book

Makers of the Environment is an information model itself… a book that connects to external information that connects to the built environment. Writing a book that is itself an information model involves several structures. The scenarios are built around technology and processes that exist today or that can be projected from today’s tools and environment.

Design Futures

This book offers design futures for how society can take advantage of new and emerging technology to create a better, more sustainable world. The pace of change, environmental challenges, energy uncertainty and financial complexity work to increase the opportunities for catastrophic errors of judgment. Adapting to this environment offers opportunities for efficiencies, new products and new ways of working that will make our world a better place for us all. Today’s technology lets us to talk to each other in ways that enable positive change.

Power of information

Some might call this a building information model, but book information model is probably more accurate. Many specializations built around information are rapidly folding together as experts realize the power and possibilities that information modeling brings to the built environment. As in the best of today’s building information models, this book approaches the data from many viewpoints, with different media and many levels of detail, all intended to amuse and educate about the power of information to improve the world.

Hub of the mesh

Information managed in systems that make the data accessible, keep it up-to-date and allow the data to be added to over time begin to solve these issues. Many are moving away from the cycle of lost Information and starting over each time a new technology develops. These systems organize data in consistent and safe ways that make it so that we can find the Information that we need.

Three scenarios

Information enables the Coast Guard to fulfill their mission in a world of ever-increasing complexity and threat. Dr. Elle Smith, shows how a healthcare organization can use Information to grow and support the community, in a world of fiscal and regulatory constraints. Sandy Kim, manages environmental recovery using live data, collaborative systems and rule-based controls.

Jul 17, 1999 – Devol, OK

To Floyd and Grace, the windbreak was not a bunch of trees, it was a vital part of their life. Environmental practices have changed since the days of windbreaks. The lessons that Sandy took away from the Dust Bowl, and the Red Cedars is that we must find ways to fix those problems that affect us today.

Sep 3, 2022 – Norfolk, VA

They were Friends of the National Zoo-Just no deer in Pete Jarvi’s backyard! Mel, short for Melanie, wife and mother of their kids was in the basement supervising-make that refereeing, air hockey, and booting up the computer games. Pete cranked the Toyota Camry and WNIS was broadcasting the news of an explosion in Portsmouth, a probable air attack.

Apr 17, 2026 – Crisfield, MD

Elle was beside herself; they certainly could not afford downtime this early, on the new surgical wing, but Joe’s team jumped on the problem and they only lost three hours, just like they said. Dr. Elaina Bagayoko-Smith leads Cork Point with the finesse of a symphony maestro, or some say, with the fire of a drill instructor. Cork Point must become a real healthcare system. Her priorities must become community integration and collaboration. Integrated processes affect everything she does, every day.

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