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DOE GiS BIM FM Ecosystem

Click the image above or this link to review the interactive MindMap

This map is a first pass to organize and analyze the following:

  1. Management & Controls – State level issues
  2. Knowledge Repository – Organization of information and standards to support integrated decision making
  3. Design & Construction – Focused on implementing projects
  4. Occupancy & Use -Focused on maintaining and funding assets

Each is broken down by:

  • Existing regulations, systems and other relevant items.
  • Tools & Opportunities that come from using the Onuma System and our approach.
  • Issues & Concerns that need to be reviewed and resolved.

The diagram above represents a few of the data connections within the ecosystem that we will develop. The objective is to connect data sources and systems of all types to support integrated decision making and improved exchanges. Information is connected from the authoritative sources. The goal is to create data once and then use it throughout the system… eliminating the inefficiencies that come from recreating information and making maintenance easier and less expensive.

The image above illustrates a series of data mashups (with the datapoints shown) designed to visualize, monitor and manage real-time sensors within a GiS and Facilities Management enabled Building Information Model.

Video of Kimon Onuma describing the use of BIM and Data in a Macro BIM/GIS/BM ecosystem in California.